Navel plasty or umbilicoplasty is the improvement of the navel form; it can be a part of abdominoplasty and an independent operation.

All the consequences of abdominoplasty are usually carefully hidden under the underwear, taking into account the favorite swimsuit model. The only seam remains visible – the one around a new belly button. Despite the small size of the navel, people usually make heightened aesthetic demands to its look.

First of all, the shape of navel changes a lot in the age aspect. At a young age and on the elastic tummy a belly button has a symmetrical shape; it is retracted and vertically oriented and has several not very deep folds around it. With age and after pregnancy it changes significantly. First of all, the symmetry disappears. The upper edge of the skin hangs over the deepening navel, forming a semi-circular fold resembling a sad emoticon. Increased or decreased depth and stretched umbilical ring make it look wide and shallow. These signs make the abdomen look “older.”

Unfortunately, any significant changes in the navel shape can be made only with the help of abdominoplasty. Due to complex methods the above described features of youth are restored, and the remaining seam around it is hidden deep into the very navel, and is usually not noticeable. After mini-abdominoplasty the navel shape doesn’t change or it just moves down a bit.


The most difficult situation is when the skin stretches only in the area around the navel itself and nowhere else. In this case it’s almost impossible to leave no traces after the surgery.

Navel plasty

Good results can be achieved in case of an isolated plasty of the convex, "protruding" navel. In this situation, due to proper experience and ingenuity of the surgeon the operation can be performed absolutely imperceptibly, making the shape of the navel look right. Through moving small patches inside the deepening of the navel and below the upper edge of its boundary on the skin, its shape can be corrected without leaving any visible seam.


Poor piercing also delivers a lot of inconvenience to patients and to surgeons. Breaks and stretching of the puncture holes are rarely possible to be hidden inside the belly button. More often with the overall improvement of the general look the trace outside the navel remains. And it is possible to be hidden with a tattoo only.


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