The postpartum changes of body and stomach are characterized by the increase of the medium abdominal area and the waist area in particular.

Skin stretch marks are, unfortunately, almost an inherent problem. Stretching is scarring of the skin, which will never disappear, only if coupled with the skin. Thus the only ways to eliminate stretching are various types of skin tightening, such as abdominoplasty in various versions.

The idea of therapeutic treatment of abdominal skin after pregnancy is in improving its tone using mesotherapy and other procedures on the body. The effectiveness of such procedures is relative, but they are pleasant.

Sometimes the reverse situation occurs when the skin of the abdomen overcame the period of stretching during pregnancy, but the muscle corset is stretched and despite the best efforts in the gym and at home, the belly bulge remains. For such cases there is selective tightening of the abdominal muscles (miofascioplasty). Usually it complements the skin lifting (abdominoplasty), but in some cases it can be run in isolation from a small incision, endoscopically.

Besides the patient may choose liposuction in order to remove excess fat and model good body contour locally. It is also useful to use lipofilling not to lose such a valuable product as one’s own fat.

Correction of changes in the breast shape is an even more complex problem because various factors influencing both directly and in perspective should be considered. We are talking about the volume of the breast, the degree of postlactational involution, the skin tone and the ratio of the square and the volume of the breast, future plans for childbearing, the dynamics of body weight, etc.


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