Breast augumentation (or arthroplasty) is a surgery indicated in the following cases:

  • Lack of development of breast tissue in women over the age of 18-19 years explained by their physique;
  • Reduce the volume and slightly drooping of breasts after breast-feeding;
  • Significant reduction in body weight, changes in body shape under intense sporting activities, etc.
  • Asymmetry of breasts in congenital unilateral hypoplasia (Poland syndrome), acquired as a result of strain injuries, burns occurred in childhood or operations.
  • Breast reconstruction after cancer surgery (as a way).

Breast surgery performed by a competent surgeon with usage of modern equipment and methods, doesn’t leave any visible traces and has little or no complications.

The main task of breast augmentation surgery is restoration of harmonious breast sizes:

The most important issues are the choice of size, shape, and the manufacturer that produces implants, surgical approach and the desired end result. All these factors determine the procedure of the operation.

How to choose the right type of implant?

Size and volume of an implant depend on several factors. The main parameters are the anatomical features of the patient's chest. The width of the base and the height of the breast to the chest also influence the size of the implant in a great way. A wish to get a “younger” shape rounded at the top of the chest and maximize the size would be an argument for choosing implant of a round profile. If the task is maintaining natural forms, it will lead to the selection of the anatomical, "drop-shaped" implant profile. A wish to make breasts more prominent forward, "perky" or wider in shape with the improvement of the external-lateral projection will let the surgeon think about a higher profile of the implant.

Today almost all manufacturers producing implants provide the clients with the high quality of their goods, the use of which is safe for the patient. However, it is more preferable to choose a more experienced manufacturer.

The implant position level

To achieve the best cosmetic effect of breast augmentation it is necessary to cover implant with the natural body tissue. In most cases, a cavity for an implant is formed under the breast tissue. But for some very slim patients who have little development of glandular and fatty tissue it is necessary to cover the implant with the chest muscle.



There are several possible options. A traditional approach is a short (5-6 cm) incision in the crease under the gland. However it leaves traces, so the aesthetical results of this approach leave a lot to be desired. The least conspicuous incision is on the border of the areola and skin, taking about the bottom half of the circle (the same 5 cm). Axillary incision leaves no visible marks on the chest, but this method isn’t universal and can’t be used to correct all the breast shapes, but it’s a great solution for the patients who have small chest or small areola.

The rehabilitation period

It is usually short, only 4-5 days. However, one must be alert to the possibility that no serious physical activities and sports are possible for at least 2 weeks, but the optimal time is one month. It is also necessary to wear compression underwear – a bra of special design, snug-fitting the new breast for up to one month.


The most well-known complications of breast augmentation surgery, such as hematoma and inflammation almost never occur. The term "rejection" is not applicable in this situation too. However, some reaction to a foreign body is mandatory.

With the present quality of implants this reaction usually passes unnoticed to the patient. However, in 1-3% of cases a so-called capsular contracture may develop. Capsular contracture is a tissue induration around the implant. Depending on the severity, it may not require correction, but in some cases it may require another surgery.

The risk of cancer is not increased because of such operation. The implant doesn’t make any diagnosing more difficult; it is transparent to X-rays and doesn’t change the natural pattern of tissue.

A brief examination is carried out during the preparation for the surgery.

The postoperative period

The postoperative period is rather short. Major pain usually passes in 3 days; a patient can take a shower in three days also. Two weeks later a patient may return to her usual lifestyle and in a month may start physical exercises. It isn’t necessary to remove sutures, because an intradermal suture and self-dissolving materials are used. A compression garment should be worn for about a month.

How long the effect of breast augmentation surgery lasts?

It is currently assumed that the effect of breast augmentation surgery remains for life. So far nobody knows about cases of aging or rupture of the implant Cohesive gel inside the implant doesn’t flow out of the implant, even in case of a direct injury of the shell. However it is recommended to visit the plastic surgeon, who performed the operation once in a while. It also should be mentioned that the tone and elasticity of the tissues may change. At the request of the patient the correction of the breast shape may be performed later. Childbirth and breast feeding are safe both to the mother and the babe, but these processes may influence the breast shape.

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