Rhinoplasty is an operation that is performed in order to improve the aesthetic form of the nose, as well as some of the issues associated with nasal breathing obstruction.

High aesthetic demands may lead a person to make an appointment with the plastic surgeon with requests to change something in their appearance. In such cases special attention is paid to the shape and size of the nose. So-called aesthetic standards include the ratio of the “perfect” face proportions. But this does not mean that each nose that is different from this doubtful standard should be changed. The whole history of art is evidence to this statement; noses of irregular shape can make the face even more attractive.

However, there are some nose shapes that cause disharmony of the face, so it would be better to fix them than trying to put up with them.

Dividing surgery indications for aesthetic and functional is relative. Operating the nose tip mostly solves aesthetic problems, while interference in the bony part aims at improving the nasal breathing. Nasal breathing disturbance is usually associated with changes in the ratio of the internal parts of the nose, occurring as a result of previous trauma or disease. Sometimes nose curvature occurs as a consequence of bumps and falls. When the situation allows combined operations on all parts of the nose are performed.

What can be changed with the help of rhinoplasty?

As a rule all the requests to change the shape of the nose are quite typical. The most popular are reducing the width and making the nose tip less massive, reducing the height of the nose tip in general and changing the nasolabial angle. During the operation the size and positioning of the nose cartilage is changed in a way to achieve the desired result.

Changes in the nasal bone structure are much more difficult. It requires mobilizing bone structures in the back and side slopes of the nose. Such surgeries are more traumatic and lead to a lengthening of the postoperative period.

While preparation for the surgery a brief examination is carried out.

The operation performed through the cuts in nasal passages. The only external unobtrusive trace is left in the narrowest part of the septum.

Nasal passages are plugged with tampons for a day or two, and on top of the nose a special bandage made of plaster sticker is applied for the period of 4-8 days, depending on the type of operation. After the operation the lids edema is likely to appear to 7-10 days, the nasal tissues will recover in 1-2 months, but the final result can be obtained only in six months when the shape will be fully formed and the edema will disappear.


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