Combined or associated operations define all the operative interventions conducted simultaneously or consequently under the same anesthesia.

The selection of the date and the operation plan play a great role for each patient. The operation itself can be performed in several minutes or hours, but the recovery period can last up to several weeks.

Taking into consideration the rehabilitation terms, a question about reasonable combination of surgeries arise. Such operations let patients solve several problems at once. Fortunately, the majority of plastic surgeries aren’t accompanied by acute pain. Some discomfort after the operation can be eliminated with the help of good analgesics, while the pain syndrome usually lasts for 2-3 days.

Among good examples of combined operations there are surgical scar tissues excision and liposuction in the same area; face lifting and blepharoplasty; abdominoplasty and lateral abdomen zone liposuction; abdominoplasty and breast augmentation; breast augmentation and its slight lifting. Liposuction can successfully accompany most of the esthetic surgeries.

But it’s necessary to keep in mind there is a defined volume of surgical trauma that can be endured by the organism under the steady state conditions. Increasing this volume may lead to the necessity of intensive and prolonged therapy, and even some cases of death are recorded.

The general time of operation and, of course, anesthesia is also of great importance. That is why the wish to be operated on with maximum efficiency has its limits.

It is usually decided by three people: patient, surgeon and anesthetist, what kind of associated operation can be performed without any risk to the patient’s health.


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