Gluteoplasty is an operation aimed at increasing the size and improving the contour of buttocks.

In the sexual image of a woman the shape and the size of buttocks are perhaps as important as the size and the shape of breast, some nations in Latin America appreciate buttocks even more. Russian women usually don’t have problems with the size (volume) of the buttocks, but often suffer from its irregular shape.

From an aesthetic point of view, the shape of buttocks can be divided into several types. As the most beautiful type the shape that can be inscribed in an equilateral triangle, the apex of which is slightly above the waist (A-type) can be recognized. A very attractive shape is also a round one with a high upper slope (O-type).


Square and trapezoidal shapes are less attractive.

 The side profile of buttocks is also very important. In aesthetic evaluation just as important as for breast is the fullness of the upper slope.

This parameter is usually influenced by age. The older is the person is, the lower is the most convex point, the flatter is the profile line and the more dominates the width of the lower part in comparison to the upper.

Therefore the aim of correcting the shape of the buttocks regardless of the method is to increase the volume of the slope top and to create a rounded profile as well as to reduce the width of the upper and/or lower part in order to get a smoother transition of the waist-thigh line.


The most difficult stage of solving the problem is the selection of adequate methods. To reduce the excessive amount of local fat tissue (in fact it is exactly what shapes the contour of the buttocks) various techniques such as interlipotherapy or liposuction (usual or radiofrequency) can be used.

It should be noted that the decrease in the total volume of the buttocks isn’t always rewarding. The skin of this area isn’t very elastic, so it may lead to sagging of the lower part and deepening of the under-buttock folds.


The most delicate method is interlipotherapy, this new word is connected with the use of lipolitics (like Aqualics), the drugs that selectively destroy fat cell membranes, what leads to permanent reduction of the treated area. Good way to remove small defects on the excess amount of body contours, especially in the absence of possibility to waste time in the postoperative period.


For a more substantial correction in a short time liposuction is used. Reducing the thickness of fat tissue used in traditional areas like the outer surface of the upper third of the thigh, the posterolateral surface of the abdomen and lower back, the inner surface (also usually the upper third) of the thigh and knee area. But lipomodeling may include a more delicate, local liposuction.


Sometimes the lipofilling is also used, because the idea of using no foreign bodies, but fat seems quite attractive. The availability of sufficiently large volume of fat in other parts of the body can be beneficial for achieving great results in the operations against aging and gravity changes.  In this case the term “lipoplasty” acquires its true meaning: the body contours are improved by decreasing certain areas and increasing other ones. However some younger patients don’t have enough excess fat to perform this operation, so some additional means are required. In recent years fillers based on hyaluronic acid have become very popular. But taking into account its price, it’s definitely not the best and cheapest way to correct the buttocks shape.


So the only available method is implanting. In this case buttocks augmentations resembles setting breast implants. The position of the implants is the area above buttocks, so a patient doesn’t sit on them, but in horizontal position they lie on implants for sure. After the operation buttocks acquire rounded high profile, which is a sign of youth and sexuality.


The operation is performed under general anesthesia, first a short (5 cm) incision at the top of intergluteal cleft, this incision leaves no traits after. The rehabilitation period is not very difficult and long. The main limitation is reduced mobility and careful sitting down.


The most unfavorable situation of gluteoplasty is the eliminating the impact of significant weight reduction. In this case the loss of buttocks volume results in significant amount of excess skin appearance, and this skin isn’t very elastic. In this scenario, there is only one option: a technically difficult operation aimed at straight lift the buttocks.

During this operation excess skin is removed and the entire buttocks area is raised. As a result the overhang of under-buttock crease is reduced and the shape becomes more rounded. Unfortunately, skin tightening always leaves scars. In this operation, there are two possible methods: one of them will leave a horizontal scar under the upper part of panties, and the other method will leave a trace below the lower bound of panties, exactly on the buttock.


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