Mastopexy (breast lift) is an operation performed in order to return the aesthetically correct shape of breasts, its elasticity and size.

Changes in the breast shape are connected with aging and have absolutely inevitable character. The speed of breast ptosis depends on many factors, which are almost impossible to influence.


From the point of view of physics, gravitational force directed downward affects the breast tissue. The elastic fibers of the skin and ligaments (Cooper's ligaments) of the breast make the force that resists this process.

breast lift

These ligaments connect the deep and superficial fascia, as if they reinforce the whole breast tissue. The elasticity of the ligaments is primarily stipulated due to anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organism. The elasticity is also influenced by the breast weight, as well as by the increase in glandular tissue during lactation and breast reduction after the lactation period is over (mammary gland involution), by variations in body weight and wearing a properly sized clothes.

The operation on breast lift (mastopexy) is a normalization of the ratio between the breast surface and its volume. To put it in other words, it is the removal of excess skin and the formation of an aesthetically correct chest proportions.

Each good surgeon always has several techniques of mastopexy and the choice of one of them is determined by the tasks a surgeon performs in every single situation.  Sometimes in order to attain my goal I combine several techniques, however, as it is said at medical symposiums – the best method is those the surgeon knows best.

The role of implants in this operation is ambiguous. An attempt to correct breast ptosis (drooping) with a deficit of volume only by using implants put under the glands will give a good result in the immediate future, it will leave almost no traces and the rehabilitation period will be quite easy for a patient. But such simplicity is deceptive. Low-toned skin (usually when a patient has breast ptosis, it is so) droops even faster under the weight of an implant and it leads to even more severe ptosis recurrence. In such a situation it is almost impossible not to increase the breast volume, because otherwise the result of traditional mastopexy will be small breast with long sutures.

The reasonable way out of this difficult situation is setting implant under the muscle and mastopexy which would take into account the new volume of breasts. It leads to shortening of the length of traces and its quality improvement, as well as to stabilization of the results as implant ensures filling with the upper breast pole and supports the breast cone, having no impact on the skin. The result is long-term with the lowest negative impact.

And in case the breast size corresponds to the physique of a patient, ordinary mastopexy according to the most suitable technique is to be performed.

Mastopexy usually leaves the same type of scars. There is always a circular trail around the areola, such scar is the minimum possible after the least difficult operation.  Often, such a trace is the only one left, especially when the implants are used. More significant displacement of tissues requires more than one scar, a vertical one, from the areola to the crease under the gland. In a situation of a large breast ptosis a surgeon is forced to leave another scar in the crease under the breast itself.

But after a properly performed operation and suturing the scars are barely visible and soon they become almost invisible at all.


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