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Cruroplasty is an operation performed in order to improve the contour of shins of those patients who have calf muscle insufficient development, tibia bone deformities (the "O"-shaped strain), unilateral hypoplasia of muscles or traumas.

There are two ways to increase the volume of shins: the first was is lipofilling that can be quite effective in this case. The relative lack of shin volume is usually a problem of women with an average type of fiber deposition, when the abdomen and thighs are quite heavy, and the leg or calf looks too thin. Such patients have double benefit: reduced donor site and increased volume of calves without any traces and foreign bodies. The following problem may occur when patients are slim – there is just no possibility to find excess fat necessary for this operation.

In this case implants can be used. They are small (130-190g), have elongated shape and can be of various proportions. Selection of the size and shape of the implant is performed by doctor according to the patient's anatomy.

Access for an implant is a short (4 cm) horizontal incision in the crease of the popliteal fossa. The trip won’t be noticeable at all. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, although it is possible to be performed under local anesthesia. An implant is placed under the fascia of the gastrocnemius muscle. The postoperative period is short, but requires rest for 3-7 days, and wearing compression underwear for two weeks.


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