Hands rejuvenation is a surgical procedure, which can eliminate the signs of aging on the back of the hand.

The rear part of the hands often gives a real woman's age, even when this woman has very young-looking face and neck. The sign of aging is thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer, and as a result, the details of anatomy, such as veins, tendons, parchment skin, the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, are becoming more visible.

It's all in various degrees take on women over forty. Creams and other cosmetics with systematic care support the skin, but there comes a time when the sources of young skin in the world of cosmetics are exhausted.

In this case a plastic surgeon may help. All the ways of hands rejuvenating are divided into medical and surgical. It is true the only difference is the usage of the bottle filler or lipofilling.

As well as for face rejuvenation the fillers based on hyaluronic acid or Radiesse are used. They give lasting effect of increasing the volume and hydration of the skin and don’t require any training, and certainly do not have the post-operative period. Ease and simplicity of the injections and the absence of special conditions make this method popular. At the place of injection a small swelling zone appears, and some slight bruising is also possible. The main disadvantage of fillers is its temporary effect, and the need for repeat.

Lipofilling is a more complicated procedure, but however, if the patient comes to the surgeon with the desire to reduce the amount of fat in any area of the body, in this case, the plastic surgeon may suggest to leave such a valuable material in order to use the fat tissue for transplantation in the desired area to make it look better.

 The details of the operation can be found in the article “Lipofilling”.


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