Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is asurgery that implies correction of the eyelids in order to eliminate age-related changes or to improve the cut and shape of the eye. If desired, you can intervene in anatomy, and to change you appearance up to a change in facial features or in nationality features. Based on the patient's age and on the prominence of the problem upper and lower eyelids may be operated individually or simultaneously. In fact through the incisions in the eyelids the midface correction can be made.


Surgical procedures in the eye area were first performed in ancient India (about 500 BC). On the European continent the technology of eyelid operations appeared in the 17th century. And in 1818 this type of surgery acquired its present name - blepharoplasty. But until the end of the 19th century blepharoplasty pursued only one goal - to remove excess eyelid skin. More complex types of the operation were first performed only in the 20th century.

What types of eyelid surgeries exist?

  • Upper eyelid surgery. The operation is performed on the upper eyelid. It aims at reducing the overhang of the upper eyelid tissue including, if necessary, eliminating of the intraorbital fat. The scar remains in the crease of the upper eyelid.
  • Lower eyelid surgery. The aim of this type of surgery is elimination of the bags under the eyes and elimination of so-called “fatty hernia.” Incision is made along the edge of the ciliary part of the eylid. After healing the scar becomes completely invisible.
  • Full surgery. The combination of upper and lower operations blepharoplasty.
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty. When there is no need to remove excess skin and the elimination of the fatty hernia will be enough. In conducting such an operation incision is made on the inside part of the lower eyelid (conjunctiva).
  • Combined blepharoplasty.
  • Oriental eyelid type correction.
  • Laser skin resurfacing is performed in order to eliminate wrinkles and improve skin relief and skin contraction. It goes well with transconjunctival blepharoplasty. It also can be performed after previously conducted operations when there is no need for skin tightening.

During the operation local anesthesia is usually used. Such method gives full and comfortable duration of anesthesia. For separate blepharoplasty intravenous anesthesia isn’t necessary, but it may be used in cases when a patient feels too nervous. After the operation some local cooling is very useful in order to reduce swelling. The patient can go home the same day, while in the absence of intravenous anesthesia they can drive.

Rehabilitation period

  • Shortly after eyelid surgery a patient may experience some discomfort and pain in the eyelids. Such discomfort can be removed by a single dose of analgesic.
  • Swelling and bruising under the eyes caused by surgery disappears within the next week (5-7 days). Sutures are usually removed within 3-5 days after surgery. A week later, you can do whatever you are used to do daily, but note that outdoors you will have to wear sunglasses for some weeks after the surgery.


After sutures will be removed it is recommended to apply a healing bandage. It merges with the skin color and is completely invisible. The bandage can be worn for about 2 weeks, within this time the sutures will finally heal and fade.

 Also keep in mind that you can start reading not earlier than in 2 days, and start using contact lenses not earlier than in 2 weeks, do sports - not earlier than in 3 weeks.


  • Diabetes
  • Dry eyes
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Severe chronic disease
  • Oncology
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland
  • Hypertension
  • Increased intraocular pressure
  • Diseases characterized by bleeding disorders

Possible complications

  • Dehiscence.
  • Infections.
  • Bruises under the eyes (almost 90%).
  • Bleeding (may start even after a couple of days after blepharoplasty).
  • Improper scarring.
  • Omission of the eyelids.
  • The syndrome of "dry" eye, when eyelids don’t close during sleep.


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